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Best Product in the World

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

1.  Are You Made To Order?

Yes. All products are made to order. Anyway, we have a service to search the objects you require beyond our offered stuffs.

2.  Can I Order Sample Product?

Yes. The sample products are available to wholesalers, importers, and foreign retailers only.

3.  Can I Order my own design as Sample Product?

Yes. Your own design will be made after we are clear to understand every detail of your design, which you have provided to us.

4.  What is the Minimum Order?

Initially samples can be sent, by sharing a container or alternatively by air freight. The minimum order has to be container sales only.

5.  Do you guarantee all of your products?

Yes, the quality is fully guaranteed. Any defective product due to faulty production. Although this is very rare will be replaced immediately. Damage can also occur during transportation; so in this case we strongly suggest that you make careful arrangements with your shipping company.

6.  Are the Showcased photos truly representative of actual product ?

Although a picture in JPG format via email can show a great deal, the quality of digital imaging is still not perfect. Color also varies on different monitors and graphic cards. We just hope that this service will reduce some, if not all, possible misunderstandings and make your web order experience easier and happier. Please be aware that virtually all of our "APAsifik" products are hand made and there will be variances from item to item. Our photos are representative of the entire supply of an item but the one you receive may not be exactly as pictured. We apologize if you are disappointed; we will be happy to make exchanges or refunds at your request.

7.  Prices ?

Our prices are negotiable and we guarantee lowest price.

8.  Where do Normally Export your Product's ?

So far, we have exported to many European countries, Australia and Asia , currently developing with some customers from America.

9.  What are Payment Term?

We normally accept T/T payment. We will inform you by quotation or Pro forma Invoice of the full cost of your order. Our standard term are 50% deposit with order, 50% on dispatch. You will be required to pay us your deposit when you confirm your order and the rest of the money we will keep you informed via email or fax. We dispatch the completed order when we receive your final payment.

10.  When I will receive my order?

About 2 weeks in case of being in store. If out of stock or made to order, we require 30 days or more that depends on the model, items ordered and quantity ordered.

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